Tuition & Fees

Young Muslim Academy is an after-school and weekend programme to assist young children
in learning more about their religion and identity as Muslims.
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YMA New Fees Structure 2012/2013

# of Children 1st Term
2nd Term
3rd Term
Yearly Advance Payment
1 Child £100 £100 £100 £300 £275
2 Children £180 £180 £180 £540 £500
3 Children £270 £270 £270 £810 £750
4 Children £360 £360 £360 £1080 £1000
5 Children £450 £450 £450 £1350 £1250

Important Notes:

    The above fee rate reflects the amount of money we need to effectively run the school. Despite the recent increase our fee remains dramatically lower than other similar service providers. The wisdom in keeping the fee low is that we want all children to benefit from the Young Muslim Academy. Additionally management will:
  • — Give a 10% discount off the final figure for siblings
  • — Encourage termly payment to be by standing order or direct debit

  • In order to avoid late payments or withdrawals without notice to the office, payment has been scheduled and broken down as follows:
  • — fees must be paid by new pupils upon acceptance
  • — Payment is per term: 3 payments (September, December, March)

  • Fourthly, all registered pupils will be considered as continuing pupils unless we are notified otherwise by parents and as such they will be liable to all fees and charges if they attended in that particular term as per the terms and conditions signed by all parents Finally, if you do have any further questions regarding the fees or would like to discuss any of the points raised, I would be happy to help InshAllah.

    We ask Allah SWT to give us all tawfeeq and grant our children success in this life and the hereafter

    Sarwoar Ahmed